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February 17, 2014


Customize your stationery to best fit your wedding's theme

“Cocktail napkins are always one of my favorite details to personalize. Whether it displays a song lyric, fun facts about the couple, or a beautiful graphic, everyone will notice this small detail while sipping cocktails and enjoying hors d'oeuvres.” -Leigh Pearce, Leigh Pearce Weddings

“I love custom signage for any event. Printing on acrylic and wood are my personal favorites, but there are plenty of affordable options that own’t break the bank and still give you a cohesive look. It’s an amazing way to make things blend together that no other elemtn can do. This can be a welcome sign, ‘unplugged’ information for guetss, directional signage, or simply food signage, but it ties the event together so perfectly.” -Debra Hall, Olive Paper

“Patterns are a trend that I am seeing pop up everywhere in all parts of life. However, a pattern is the element that I am seeing replace the traditional wedding logo. Selecting a pattern that can be used on all of your print items for your wedding from start to finish will be sure to give you a look that no one else will have ... and I am not talking chevron! A pattern that’s all yours will be something you can use for a long time!” -Debra Hall, Olive Paper

“Start using your engagement photos on the stamps from the first mailing! It is a fun little surprise in the corner of the piece of mail.” -Lindsey Hartsell, Lindsey Lee Photography

Having a family-friendly affair and need to entertain the kiddos? Print customized coloring sheets and provide crayons for a budget-friendly pastime. -CB

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