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February 17, 2014

Vow Factor

Cake is sweet, but your wedding vows are sweeter! Make sure you know just what to say on your big day

“A bride who treasured many special memories from her grandparents’ home incorporated old window shutters from their house into the altar décor for her outdoor wedding.” -Misty McGuire Case, Pixels on Paper

“Thanking your parents is also a great idea for the ceremony: And so to bride’s parents, names, and groom’s parents, names, I would like to offer my congratulations on this most joyful day! Bride and groom have asked me to extend their appreciation for the love and support you have given them throughout the journey leading to this day. It is more than their blood that is joined here: it is yours as well. With this marriage, God joins your two families, and it is the family unit that shall rebuild the world. With this in mind, I ask you, bride’s parents, to take this man, groom, as your son. I know that you take great pride in your daughter, bride, and the love and respect you have for her, she also feels for you. Bride and Groom thank you for your part in their marriage. I also ask siblings to take him into their heart as a brother, and beloved to bride. Will you? I now turn to you, groom’s parents, and I ask the same - I know you take great pride in your son, groom, and the love and respect you have for him he also feels for you. Bride and groom are grateful to you both for raising groom to be the man he is today and thank you for your part in their marriage. I ask that you take this woman, bride, into your hearts, that she might live from this day as your daughter. I ask your other children, siblings, to receive bride as your sister, for she is dear and beloved by your brother and shall be so, through the grace of God, to all your family. Will you? May the joy of this marriage extend throughout your families.” -Rev. Rebecca A. Nagy

“Instead of ‘if anyone finds just cause in why this marriage cannot take place,’ a congregational declaration of support can be more positive: Bride and Groom, will you please face your families and guests? As the family and friends of bride and groom you are here to express your love, hope, and joy for this occasion. If you truly love this couple you will never do anything to hinder their marriage, never speak against either spouse, and support the marriage through the good times and the hard times. Will you accept and support this marriage? If so, answer, ‘We will.’” -Rev. Rebecca A. Nagy

“If you are not getting married in a church setting, consider a different design for the chairs at your ceremony. Weddings in the round or half round offer different options for the entrances of the bridal party and allow more guests to experience the ceremony.” -David Klingel, Event Professor

“Write your own vows. It sounds simple, but usually the thought of writing them becomes so overwhelming that couples just repeat the standard vows. Taking the time to express your feelings to the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with is extremely special. And don’t be afraid to have fun with it and add some elements of humor!” -Nancy Mazzucco-Usuff, I Do Wedding Consulting

“Your walk down the aisle could be to an untraditional track or even with someone who isn’t your dad. Whoever is special to you is what’s important.” -Nancy Mazzucco-Usuff, I Do Wedding Consulting

“Have a song that is considered ‘your song’? An aisle runner is the perfect place to display it! Customize your aisle runner to have the lyrics scribed unto the runner so as you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams you are also telling your guests how you feel about each other without saying one single word.” -Aubre Young, Aubre’s Bridal

Let your aisle runner recreate the journey of your love. A calligrapher can include stories, meaningful quotes, or important dates. -CB

Plan an unconventional ceremony time that reflects an important date, like the day you met, got engaged, your parents’ anniversary, etc. -CB

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