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“Be sure to use photos from your engagement portraits, bridal portraits, and even candid snapshots from your time dating in your reception. Guests love to look at photos. I've even had couples name tables in the reception for different adventures they had together, and have photos from those travels/adventures as table decor, tucked into the flowers and put in frames around the centerpiece. Don't forget, the wedding is about you as a couple and your life together; photos help show the special relationship you have!” -Christi Falls, Christi Falls Photography http://www.christifalls.com

“One thing to personalize is to come up with your own hashtag for Instagram on your day. My niece’s was displayed on a chalkboard for everyone to see {Meet the McBrides) and by the end of the night the bride and groom had hundreds of pictures to see.” -Pam Funderburk, Dar-Lynn’s Bridal & Formal Wear http://darlynnsbridalformal.com

“I just love when couples do huge blown up shots of either the engagement session or bridal session photos and incorporate them into the reception decor. A few weeks ago we shot a wedding at a venue that had a large glass kiosk in the wall and the bride put a stunning photo from the bridal session up in the wall behind the glass. I'm talking definitely larger than a 16x20. It looked amazing!” -Lindsey Hartsell, Lindsey Lee Photography http://lindseyleephotographyblog.com

“Take your guests to the place you met, or any other special place, by using green screens and custom backgrounds to personalize your photo entertainment experience.” -Jennifer Weintraub, TapSnap 1045 http://www.tapsnap.net

“Use an open-air photo booth to capture yourselves with each of your guests as they go through your receiving line. Use a personalized step and repeat background for full effect and if available, upload the images to social media for an instant, personalized, digital guest book from your special day!” -Jennifer Weintraub, TapSnap 1045 http://www.tapsnap.net

“Have the couple, months before the wedding, take a picture of themselves at the hotel holding a card that says ‘Save the Date’ with the date of the wedding.” - Melissa Delaney, Old Edwards Inn & Spa

“For photo booths, use items from around the house like old window frames, hats, vintage clothing items... items that belonged to your parents/grandparents so they are not just vintage but have a special meaning.” -Alan Bishop, Bistro Catering & Events

“Personalize wedding video song choices. I prefer clients pick music that they listen to rather than the typical wedding music. The more eclectic the better. Your song choices reflect you as individuals, which helps me learn a little more about you and what types of styles you both like. The end result is a more personal and moving video that you'll want to watch again and again.” -Jason Vittorio, Vittorio Film & Photo http://www.vittoriovideo.com

Let your guests’ photo experience be interactive: Provide Polaroid cameras on tables or at stations, and create a special display where the photos can instantly be shared with the rest of the reception. Guests will love seeing all the photos as the night goes on! -CB

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