Carolina Bride

February 17, 2014

Something Borrowed

Find a special way to honor loved ones at your wedding!

“Honoring special loved one's memories should be personal. One of our couples paid special tribute to the groom's mom in a unique way. Immediately following the ceremony, the bridal party passed out balloons as the congregation lined the church's front steps. The bride and groom ran through the crowd and balloons for a festive exit shot, then after the minister said a few words, hundreds of balloons were released into the sky in her honor. “ -Julie Staley, Old South Studios

“I personally was very close to my grandfather who passed away long before my wedding day. But sewn into the lining of my wedding dress was a coin that my grandfather carried in his pocket—it was a way for me to feel like he was there with me.” -Misty McGuire Case, Pixels on Paper

“We have played recorded messages from loved ones who weren't able to make it to a wedding. Maybe a soldier who is in Afghanistan, or a grandmother who wasn't able to travel a long distance. Talk about an emotional moment!” -Drew Parham, Audio To Go

“Honor traditions of the bride or groom's parents. For example, use flowers from the mothers' own weddings in their corsages, or have the parents dance to their first dance songs at the reception.” -Chelsey Jean Morrison, Gather Together

“Represent family members who have passed away by using an inherited piece of furniture at the entrance to the reception. A dresser or chest makes a wonderful escort card table with plants and flowers spilling from the partially opened drawers. An old trunk makes a great option for a gift table. “ -Todd Murphy, Todd Murphy Events

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