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02/21/2014 10:20 AM

02/21/2014 10:23 AM

If you’re getting married this year, then you’re probably at least familiar with social media platforms and apps for smartphones or tablets. Both of these can help you capture photos that your guests take at your wedding. There are plenty of apps that charge for their services, but you’re in luck, there are also some free options!

Facebook now allows you to create an album and add contributors. While you can’t add your entire guest list, you can add your wedding party and any friends who you know will be snapping shots throughout the night. Post wedding, you can add anyone who may have tagged you in a photo but wasn’t already a

Instagram is another popular option. If you’ve created a hashtag for your wedding, you can have guests hashtag any photos that they post and you’ll be able to look back at them after the wedding. (Tip: be sure to have the hashtag posted somewhere at the reception so guests know what it is and don’t create their own!).

Wedsocial, WedPics, and Capsule are free apps that your guests can download and share photos. With some of these, there are options to upgrade for more services. By using an app, you’ll have all of the photos in one location. It’s best to be proactive and let your guests know in advance of the wedding to download the app. This way you won’t run into service issues or have people downloading apps during your vows. Consider including a card with your save the dates or invitations, a chalkboard at the reception or framed directions on each table.

GuestShots is an interesting option. Your guests can share their photos and then post wedding, you can pay a price to copy the photos into Facebook or you can design an album or video with the pictures.

As much as I loved seeing our guest’s photos from our wedding, I almost wish we had an unplugged wedding. Looking at our wedding photos that we paid good money for, I couldn’t help but notice cell phones in almost every single one. It’s okay to tell your guests to put down the phones, instead of encouraging them to play iPhone photographer on your big day. Bow Tied





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