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02/21/2014 12:20 PM

03/12/2014 2:22 PM

“I love it when a groom is able to show his style as well. I have seen some great Southern gentleman ideas for the grooms such as shotgun shell cufflinks and boutonnieres. That is something guests will remember and make your wedding stand out. Or personalized to the groomsmen: one was a huge cyclist and had bike cufflinks and the other one was a builder and had levels as cufflinks. Those will for sure be a conversation-starter amongst the guests.” -Heidi Crowder, Carolina Weddings & Events

“I wanted to give my groomsmen something that was unique to them and the moment, but also something they would use on a daily basis. The NikeID custom running shoes were something they could wear casually or go running in so they were a perfect fit for all 3 of my groomsmen, customized with their favorite colors, their initials, and the wedding date. Everyone really liked them—if they weren’t going barefoot on the beach, I think they would have tried to wear them during the ceremony.” -Petri Lindberg, Charlotte groom

“A great way to make a personal statement is with your cakes. You don't have to go traditional with a wedding cake, but even if you do, you can go totally crazy with your groom's cake. My husband works for Sun Drop, so we had Sun Drop pound cake baked in the shape of the letters and set on a drop shaped moss board. I've also seen groom's cakes with the groom's favorite beer bottles made of sugar, tons of favorite sports teams represented, and even favorite video games.” -Christi Falls, Christi Falls Photography

“We made a groom’s cake that reflected the groom’s strong dislike for vegetables as a child—especially homegrown green beans from his mom’s garden. His parents wanted a vegetable cake compelte with cutting board and knife; the groom really loved his vegetables that day!” -Dominica Clementi, Nona’s Sweets Bakery Café

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