Carolina Bride

February 27, 2014

She Said Yes! Lauran & Shawn

Lauran and Shawn celebrate their engagement with a photo shoot showcasing all their faves—uptown Charlotte, their Panthers team spirit, and their adorable pooch!

Lauran Hardison & Shawn Odom

Bulletproof Photography

On a Friday night, we decided to go for dinner at Del Friscos in Charlotte. Shawn had secretly called the restaurant earlier that day and got reservations for a quiet little corner booth and top notch waiter. Long story short, I was totally oblivious to what was going on. We ordered dessert (my fave) and the waiter came with a silver covered plate and sat it right in front of me. Still not thinking anything, he opens it nonchalantly and there is a fancy folded napkin with a beautiful diamond ring! I was beyond shocked and thought it was a joke at first. Shawn started to talk about his love for me and our relationship, and I began to realize it was real. We were then just in awe. I was so surprised and excited that I couldn't even eat my dessert!

-As told by Lauran

Lauran and Shawn will be married September 27, 2014.

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