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March 3, 2014

Furry Guests

Considering having Fido in your wedding?

Considering having Fido in your wedding? With all the cute bow ties, tuxes, and bows you can find for your pets these days, it can be pretty tempting to dress them up and let them walk down the aisle with you. Before you work them into the wedding party, consider these things:

How will your pet react to your guests? Your pooch may be great at the local dog bar, but your wedding day may be an overwhelming social situation for them. If you’re having a small gathering, the dog may be okay walking down the aisle and remaining somewhat focused. If your event is larger, you should consider if there will be distractions for your pet.

Will your pet be distracted and/or bark at new things? One of our dogs barked through our entire engagement session because someone else was holding him on a leash 10 feet away form us. Thankfully, that was just our engagement session and not a time that vows were being spoken. You’ll want to consider how you’ll handle this situation if it arises. It created fear in my mind about paying for a videographer and only being able to hear dog barking and no words.

How will your pet fit into the whole day, not just the ceremony? You should consider the logistics of the day. How will the dog get to the ceremony? Who will be responsible for the dog before, during and after the ceremony? How will you ensure the dog isn’t using the aisle as a bathroom? Confirming if pets are allowed in buildings and if there are extra fees for that will be important long before the big day.

What will your rain plan be? You’ll also want to consider how that will impact having the dog as part of the wedding. Our pet sitter waited at our house until 30 minutes before the ceremony to see if the rain stopped (it didn’t) before making the call not to bring the dogs.

I understand how important it is to have the ones you love most with you on your wedding day, but you don’t want to cause stress for yourself or the dog. If you decide you aren’t comfortable with your dog being there, you can always display photos or have someone such as a dog sitter bring them just for photos. There are other ways to involve your furry friends without having them physically present or a part of the actual ceremony.

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