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His heart stopped for more than 30 minutes. How can he still be alive?

John Ogburn will never know why his heart stopped for 30-plus minutes in Panera Bread, but he’ll always remember the CMPD officers who helped re-start it.

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Parents @ Play: Arts and crafts

We all know that kids need to be spending time outside working up a sweat and building strong muscles. But they also need plenty of down time. And what better way to relax than by creating art? Here are some truly outstanding ways you and your kids can flex your creativity muscles together.

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Ex-etiquette: Coddle the ex, offer solutions

Q: My ex was a stay at home mom and rarely went out. We break-up and all of a sudden she's partying and not coming home until late. My kids, age 15 and 16, complain that their mother is never home and I'm wondering if I should file for full custody. What's good ex-etiquette?

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Ask Mr. Dad: Talk to me, baby

Dear Mr. Dad: My 13-month old says only two words: dada and mama. My best friend's son is two months younger and she's constantly bragging about how many words he knows. She's got me worried that there's something wrong with my baby. Do all kids start talking about the same age? Either way, what can I do to increase my baby's vocabulary.

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How family members cope with estrangement

Even though she became a widow young, Cynthia Gross said she gave her daughter, now grown, everything she wanted, from dance and piano lessons to family vacations at Disneyland. Together with Gross' son, they had a happy little family. That is, until her daughter got married.

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Should you spy on your kid at camp?

Whether through social media updates, private online groups, or just texting your little camper, keeping tabs on your kid while they're away at camp is irresistible. How many of us have scoured a camp's website for glimpses of our kid having fun, hints of whether or not they look happy, or clues to how many friends they have? Sure, you can do it – but should you?

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App review: Crosswords With Friends, fun game for puzzle enthusiasts

Parents need to know Crosswords With Friends is a puzzle game that offers daily crossword puzzles for enthusiasts. While the name implies a multiplayer component, it's a single player game. There's no inappropriate content, but the app is loaded with advertisements and does gently push in-app purchases, though those can be obtained with in-game currency, which is easy to collect. To learn what the developer does with your personal information, read its privacy policy.


12-year-old dancing violinist is mesmerizing

He's playing for tips, but for this 12-year-old dancing violinist, it's not about the money. (You'll want sound on for this.)
12-year-old dancing violinist is mesmerizing 2:52

12-year-old dancing violinist is mesmerizing

How two officers helped a man with no pulse for 30+ minutes cheat death 3:13

How two officers helped a man with no pulse for 30+ minutes cheat death

Scot Mills demonstrates exoskeleton 2:18

Scot Mills demonstrates exoskeleton

A plastic bag with lifesaving potential 1:12

A plastic bag with lifesaving potential