3 reasons you don’t need to be the perfect parent

06/13/2014 4:17 PM

06/13/2014 4:18 PM

Every parent strives to be a perfect parent, but it’s just not realistic and you’ll make yourself crazy trying for the unattainable Perfect Parent Status. Instead, strive to do your best and try to be a great parent – mistakes and all.

Three reasons why being the perfect parent is overrated:

1. You’re not allowed to be selfish. If you’re busy being the perfect parent you’ll have no time for yourself. If you want to be the best parent you can be, that means taking care of yourself, too, which ultimately means you’ll need a little you-time where you can relax and let your body and mind rejuvenate. This will help ensure you have more energy, focus and drive to be present during the time you spend parenting your child. It’s OK to be selfish from time to time.

2. It’s impossible. There is no perfect parent doing every single thing right and raising the perfect child. If you strive for perfection you’ll likely raise a child who believes perfection is the key to love and acceptance, which is absolutely not the case. Mistakes are important, and learning how to make mistakes can be difficult for a child raised in a home where doing your best isn’t quite good enough.

3. What works for your neighbor won’t work for you. There is no perfect way to raise a child. Every parent has a unique parenting style, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Figure out what works for you and your family. Stop comparing your parenting style to your neighbor’s; the comparison will inhibit your ability to be a great parent. Just focus on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’re struggling with an aspect of parenting, ask for advice from your own parents or supportive friends, and focus your attention on what you do best.


Daddy Nickell

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