March 4, 2014

Mittenhugs mom is back with Screen Door Magnets

Re-meet one of our favorite mompreneurs, Robbin Nolan, who shared her mitten-saving invention, Mittenhugs, with us last year. Nolan now has another great product to keep people and pets from walking into screens. What will she think of next?!


Written by moms in Charlotte for moms in Charlotte

You might remember Robbin Nolan, of Wesley Chapel, from a previous Q&A about her innovative mittens- Mittenhugs. Well she’s back with a brand new genius product- Screen Door Magnets! Keep reading to see how this Charlotte mom does it all.

Q. How did you get the idea for Screen Door Magnets? A. My parents recently moved into their new home. They and their dog kept running into the screen door and eventually damaged the frame. When we looked for something to use on the screen we couldn't find anything that really held tight without falling and was actually pretty to look at.

Q. How do they work?

A. I spent months testing and sourcing magnets until we had these specially designed just for us. You hold the magnets back to back with the screen in between. Then you twist one magnet until you feel it “click” into place. They keep people and pets from walking through. You can also easily cover up a hole in any screen.

Q. What designs do you have?

A. We currently have 8 beautiful designs ranging from modern to traditional. Blue & White Floral, Pink & Yellow Floral, Sunflowers, Purple Pansies, Italian Burst, Orange Daisies, Chevron and Gerbera (my favorite), and Pink & Green Shells.

Q. Are you creating more?

A. Yes. This is my favorite part of the business. I find inspiration everywhere. I can spend hours looking at patterns in a Fabric store or on Pinterest. Then I create original artwork for the magnets. I send my designs to many of my friends for feedback before going in to production.

Q. Where can our readers find them?

A. They are available online. Here are 3 sites. - Always Free Shipping - Fulfillment by Amazon

Q. Are you still making Mitten Hugs?

A. Yes. We sold out of all of our stock this winter. We will restock next fall. We are selling these exclusively on Amazon.

Q. What have you learned by starting 2 companies?

A. It is incredibly hard to drive people to your own website. Teaming up with companies like Amazon can help you determine if your product is something people want

Q. Any tips for moms who are thinking about launching their own product?

A. Treat it like a real job, even if you only have a few hours a week to invest. Set aside specific times in the day when you will work and stick to that schedule. Have a real workspace that is away from all other household chaos. An extra bedroom, a space in your walk-in closet, or the fancy dinning room you never use. It is not fun trying to work while the kids are running around you.

Q. Any sites you found the most helpful?

A. Pinterest is great for inspiration. Etsy can be a great place to find fabrics and supplies especially when you are first starting out.

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