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Buds & Scrubs: a natural approach to skin care

08/18/2014 7:18 AM

08/18/2014 7:38 AM

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Pamela Boggiano, 31 of Huntersville and her sister, Jennifer Mazzola 39 of Huntersville, began their natural personal care company Buds & Scrubs in April of this year. Keep reading to find out why they chose to be all natural and where you can find their amazing products!

Q. How did you get the idea for Buds & Scrubs?

A. The idea actually came from my husband. He is a successful entrepreneur and after watching me cook products in our kitchen and the passion I had for it, he thought it was time to try my hand at selling them.

Q. When did you first begin making your own personal care products?

A. I started in 2010 making my own products.

Q. What inspired you to use natural ingredients?

A. It’s been a long journey. It started in 2005 when I presented with symptoms that led me on a wild goose chase with doctors for about 7 years. In 2012 I was finally diagnosed as having Lupus.

Around 2010 I began to research and read about what other folks with autoimmune diseases were doing to lessen the severity of their symptoms and I found that eating a less processed more natural diet was common with this group of individuals. I decided to take control of what my husband and I were consuming - learning about where our food comes from, buying better quality cuts of meat, growing my own vegetables, etc.

I felt that in the end, not only did I feel better about the foods we were consuming, I also felt better health-wise. I still had symptoms, and they would come and go, but I felt they were less intense at times.

After tackling food, I then started to question what I was putting on my body. Around this time, I also became pregnant with my daughter, Olivia, who will be 3 in September. After reading about all of the harmful chemicals in mainstream care lines, I couldn't imagine putting those products on my daughter nor myself. This led to more research and shopping to find the most natural products.

The problem is that some of the products are touted as natural but still contain some chemicals or derivatives that have not been well researched. I felt a strong pull to "get back to the basics" with body care. I then decided to make my own products free of preservatives, with simple ingredients that are good for you and your skin.

Q. Why are natural ingredients important?

A. Understanding what we put on our bodies is extremely important. Making the change to an all-natural product may seem challenging at first because we are leaving our comfort zone of what we know and have trusted.

However, once that step is taken, you will find that natural products are better and more effective than what you have been using. We understand this process since we have undertaken it ourselves and are here to show our support through the information we share within our website and blog. We are also available through email to answer any questions our customers may have.

Q. What chemicals are in mainstream care lines that others should be aware of?

A. There are many, unfortunately - probably too many to list. But one item worth mentioning is artificial fragrance. There are many mainstream care lines that utilize artificial fragrance because it is inexpensive and packs a potent punch.

Yet most folks don't realize that this fragrance can often be the culprit of allergic reactions due to the synthetic manufacturing. Buds&Scrubs does not use artificial fragrances. Instead we utilize essential oils as well as the herb itself which is sometimes ground and incorporated into the product or steeped. We find that it provides enough fragrance without being too potent to the customer.

Q. What is your personal favorite product?

A. The Lavender Lemon Toner is my personal favorite. I love that it is very refreshing but also has helped balance my skin over the years, resulting in less breakouts. My sister Jen's is the Lotion Bars. Our lotion bars are in solid form, which allows us to eliminate the use of preservatives. They are easy to use, great for travel, and a wonderful all natural moisturizer for your skin.

Q. Your favorite ingredient and why?

A. I would say that my favorite ingredient is Coconut Oil. Aside from its endless uses - moisturizer, lip balm, hair defrizzer, make up remover, teeth cleanser, pet friendly, great to cook with, etc - it smells like a tropical island and has also helped to balance my oily skin and reduce breakouts.

My sister's is Sweet Almond Oil. This oil is utilized in almost all of our salt and sugar scrubs. After exfoliating from the salt or sugar, your skin is left refreshed and moisturized by the almond oil, which is readily absorbed into the skin.

Q. Where can our readers find your products locally?

A. We currently have our products for sale at Charlie's - The Coffee House LKN. We have also been attending the Williams-Sonoma Artisan Market (1st Saturday of each month) at the store in Birkdale Village Additionally, we host parties in people's home where we bring our full product line for folks to sample.

You can find more information at

And be sure to enter to win a gift pack to try out a great assortment of their products here.

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