And don't forget, baseball's fun

04/25/2010 12:00 PM

11/17/2010 4:19 PM

Baseball is a hard game. I think it's probably the hardest sport, because there is so much to think about. But that doesn't stop us moms from telling our kids to just have fun.

No matter what, there we are, telling our kids that having fun is all you need to worry about.

That, and not forgetting your glove. Or your ball cap. Or what position you play, or where you are in the lineup, or which side of the plate you bat from. But once you've got all that, just have fun.

So what if the bases are loaded and there are two outs and you're at bat. And you look over at Mom and she has her eyes closed because she just can't watch. And you're pretty sure you have to go to the bathroom, but know there's a play of a lifetime between you and the men's room. It's fun.

Just focus on that. And make sure your knees are bent, your elbow's up, your bat is back, your eye's on the ball and your Mom has someone to cry on, that's all.

Then hit it. And drop the bat, don't throw the bat, and tag the base, don't miss the base, and stay on the base, don't get off of the base. And then holler to your Mom she can open her eyes, it's over. And you didn't slide, so she doesn't have to do laundry. See? How much fun was that?

Now steal a base, GO! No no, come back. Okay NOW. No, BACK! Uhh... NOW. No forget it! Aw, inning's over. But that was fun.

And that's the whole point - just run on back to the dugout. And find your bag, and get your glove, and lose the helmet, and find your cap, but it's not your cap, it's the pitcher's cap, so go switch your caps, and find your base and hope the ball doesn't come to you.

Now you're in the field - no pressure, just have fun with it. Look out for balks, bunts and pinch hitters. And glove ready. Down for grounders, up for pop flies, and out anytime coach is looking. The play is at home base - unless it's at first. Though it might be at second, if it's not at third, but you've got eight-tenths of a second to figure it all out. And that's what makes it fun.

And when it's all over, doesn't matter if you won or lost. Just think about how much fun you had - and pack your bag, change your shoes, tape your blisters, and get in the car and don't touch anything.

And like Phil Mickelson recounting every stroke on the back nine of the Masters, Daddy will recount six innings worth of plays, explaining where it worked and where it all went wrong, which is fun and informational.

Maybe this is why kids all over the world are playing baseball. Because moms all over the world are saying as long as you're having fun, nothing else matters. I think we're a good team.

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