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September 20, 2010

I'm reinventing the Wheel of Life

My girlfriend is over here talking about the spokes on her wheel again.

My girlfriend is over here talking about the spokes on her wheel again. We've been going through this exercise a lot lately - she's serving on a gazillion boards, committees and service projects. She even teaches Sunday school. And she's terrified there are too many spokes on her wheel of life.

I can't say I've ever considered my wheel, much less what all my spokes would be. Although I suspect it would look something like an old wagon wheel - one where the spokes can easily be knocked out or slid around a lot. My life is more like a tire - I just keep filling it up with projects and goals until it pops. Or until one of the kids gets the stomach bug, and then I let all the air out of it.

Maybe I should look into this. I Google "balance wheel of life... And up pops a perfectly, proportionate circle of sanity.

Career, Family and Friends, Finances, Self-Care, Fun, Religion, Home, Work, and Personal Growth. Uh... I think we're missing a few spokes. I don't see PTA anywhere on here. Or therapy. And we've already got nine spokes.

I could combine Home with Work, since I work from home. And I could make a case for putting Career on that spoke, too, but honestly, I got a lot more spokes than this rickety old wheel. Besides, the whole idea is balance. So seems to me we need four wheels.

Kids, Husband, Girlfriends and Me. That ought to cover it. That way, I create and control everyone's wheel for them, thereby establishing the ultimate balance in my life.

The kids' wheel would have School, Sports, Nutrition, Chores, Church, Homework and Footrubs For Mommy. Clearly their wheel would require training wheels, which would tackle Manners, Hygiene, Respect and Making The Bed.

The Husband's would include spokes for Work, Exercise, Coaching, College Football, Grillin', Chillin', Long Meaningful Talks About Feelings and Tiffany & Co.

My Girlfriends' wheel would encompass Power Walks, Wine Club, Parenting Advice, Marital Advice, Salon Recommendations, Girls' Night, Girls' Weekends, and Long Meaningful Talks About Feelings.

Which brings me to my wheel. Pretty simple.

Exercise, Career, Spirituality, Personal Growth, Life Purpose, Self-Esteem, Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping, Bill Paying, Scheduling, Carpooling, Letter Writing, Present Wrapping, Laundry Loading, Shoe Tying and who are we kidding, we need EIGHT wheels because everybody knows life isn't a single wheel, it's a freaking semi rolling full-steam ahead!

"So, what should I do?" my girlfriend asks.

"I'd drop gardening."

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