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June 14, 2010

All I know for sure is that she called ... back

So I get a call from a friend.

So I get a call from a friend. Actually, it's a return call. She says she's returning my call from last week.

The only problem is, I don't remember calling her.

I thank her for getting back to me, racking my brain about when it was and why it was that I called.

After some stammering I have to come clean. I don't remember either. I ask what day it was - she says Thursday. Okay, so Thursday. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday... now I can't remember last Thursday.

What was last week? Was that the week we got out of preschool? Or was it the week we started camp? No we started camp this week, so last week we got out of school. But wasn't there a week between school getting out and camp?

I'm starting to panic. I can't remember anything. And this isn't just a random friend I called, this is a Parish Nurse. Typically you call a Parish Nurse about Parish Nurse stuff. But did I call her just to say hi and ask if she's seen any good movies?

She tells me if it comes back to me, to give her a call. Another call. Driving to the pool, I can't shake the fact that I absolutely can't remember this. I don't forget things. I can recount whole conversations verbatim and even remember what I was wearing. Shoes too.

But suddenly, I look up and I don't know where I'm going. Did I miss the turn? Where am I going again? Have I forgotten something else or am I so consumed with what I forgot that I'm forgetting again?

I get to the pool and immediately start saying hello to everyone by first and last name. Children too. Including their ages. Just to get my confidence back.

Then I sit on a chair and start going through movies and the actors who starred in them: "The Godfather" - Marlon Brando. "Manhattan" - Woody Allen. "Wedding Crashers" - Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend and that other guy who's that other dude's brother. Uh oh.

Wait. Vince Vaughn! That's one "Crasher." Now the other one - funny guy whose brother was in that movie with the "Sex And The City" girl... Carrie Bradshaw! Sarah Jessica Parker! "The Family Stone"! Luke Wilson! Whose brother is... Owen Wilson! Owen Wilson! I did it, I remember!

The next day I get an e-mail from my friend. Lemme guess, I went to her house. But the e-mail starts out "Wrong Tracy." She said the voice mail was from a different Tracy. And since I was trying so hard to make sense of the call, she wanted to let me know that my memory is not failing me.

Good. I'm glad. Now what was that movie - Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson - and there was some dog...

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