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July 5, 2010

Bachelorette- style dates right here in Charlotte

The reality of ABC's "The Bachelorette" is that you have to make quality time with your man.

The reality of ABC's "The Bachelorette" is that you have to make quality time with your man. Plan something special to do. Make it a priority, and clearly you can make a man fall in love with you - over and over and over again.

Take this season's "Bachelorette," Ali. Ali gave up her apartment and her job to spend quality time with guys she's never met. The least we can do is get a sitter and make time for our guys who we've already committed to a mortgage with.

And she's giving us great ideas for dates.

Like one of the first dates: Ali and her date hike up to the Hollywood sign. Simple, but memorable. I mean how easy would it be hike over to Mr. K's on South Boulevard and steal a kiss under THAT sign?

Ali also arranged for a private jet to Vegas for a private concert by Jamie Cullum at the Aria hotel. I know the Smashing Pumpkins are coming to the Fillmore this month. ... We could get a car to drive us over to their hotel and try to catch up with them in the hotel bar.

And that helicopter trip to downtown L.A., where they went tight-roping between two buildings? You know, there's a really cool swinging bridge down at Camp Thunderbird, which could make for a really exciting evening.

On another of Ali's quality dates, they took a helicopter to go sightseeing around New York City, and ended their date at the Museum of Natural History. Totally doable - a scooter ride over to the Nature Museum.

Getting her and her man a spot performing in "The Lion King" on Broadway is trickier. But I bet Theatre Charlotte could use two more carolers for "The Christmas Carol" in December. What's more romantic than joining the cast of a musical mid-run with no singing, dancing or acting experience whatsoever?

I don't think they needed to go all the way to Turkey just to take a bath and get a massage. But a spa outing is the right idea for a relaxing evening. And I totally get why she had her guys wrestle Turkish olive oil wrestlers - gives your man a chance to impress you. Kind of exciting. But I'd have done that before the bath and massage.

And they ate dinner in the Basilica Cistern, which you'd think would be impossible to recreate. But if you've ever had flooding in your basement, then you don't really want to walk through a foot of water to your table anyway.

But I loved they went shopping in Istanbul. Because her date bought an awesome area rug. And if The Husband were to pick up a Turkish Oushak rug for me, then you've gone from quality time to high quality time, and that's even better.

So let the planning begin. I wonder where, locally, I could get my hands on some Turkish olive oil wrestlers...

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