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November 24, 2009

Family Travel Tips

‘Tis the season for travel…  Here are a few of my favorite holiday travel tips for families.

Airline Travel             

  • Arrive at the airport with time to spare
    • Your flight may be less than relaxing so make sure that you give yourself enough time to eat and visit the restroom to do one last diaper change prior to boarding. 
  • Pack one carry-on for quick access and a second for emergencies only
    • In the first, keep the items that you know you will need in flight and store it under the seat.
    • The second should contain items for emergencies only (like extra clothes) and should be stored in the overhead bin.
  • Bring extra clothes for everyone (Including an extra shirt for Mom and Dad)
  • If you are breastfeeding, choose a window seat for increased privacy.
  • Feed your baby or offer a pacifier on take-off and landing to help with ear pain
  • Ask for the bulkhead if it is available
  • Offer toys one at a time during the flight
  • Pack snacks for toddlers and bring treats for take-off and landing
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean armrests and tray tables when you board

  Car Travel          


  • Allow extra time for frequent stops
  • Keep a full tank of gas in the event of bad weather or excess traffic
  • Pack snacks for toddlers
  • Bring along some “kid-friendly” music
  • Consider a portable DVD player for children ages 2 and up


While you are away

  • If your baby is sleeping in the same room with you, consider arranging his/her crib so that he/she cannot see you.
  • Pack a baby monitor if you will be sleeping in different rooms
  • Familiarize your child with his/her new bed prior to bedtime
  • Bring along common remedies:
    • Tylenol (for ages 2 months and up)
    • Bulb Suction and Nasal Saline drops (infants)
    • Benadryl (ages 6 months and up)
  • Call your child’s healthcare provider if he/she develops signs of illness
  • Scan the home/hotel for potential dangers like stairways and toxins underneath cabinets.  Eliminate any dangers that you find while keeping in mind that children are more curious in new environments and will need more direct supervision.
For up to date TSA regulations, please go to:

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