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October 11, 2012

Disney on Ice reviews are in

They're good!

By Sara Kendall Contributor

As my daughters and I walked into the Time Warner Cable Arena, we wondered how the night’s show was going to be. This was to be our first Disney On Ice production, despite the fact that both daughters have dressed as a Disney Princess for Halloween and have been taking ice skates lessons for close to two years.

Disney condensed four of their most popular stories to create Worlds of Fantasy on ice. Mickey and Minnie Mouse make a grand entrance to start the show, quickly followed by Donald Duck and Goofy. The beloved characters of Cars, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell and Toy Story are beautifully choreographed together into major production numbers. Delightfully crafted props turned the ice rink into mini movie sets for each of the stories.

High end costumes adorn the highly skilled artists on ice. The talents of the skaters were impressive with their spins, jumps and lifts as they glided so effortlessly across the ice. The skater’s antics combined with the beautiful artistry of the costumes lifted the show into the heights one would expect from a Disney creation. I certainly felt like we were watching a Disney production and sensed the crowd sitting around us did too. Life-size revving cars racing around slick ice, artful ocean waves, fairies flying high in the air and an army of marching toy soldiers were crowd pleasing moments.

I looked over at my daughter’s faces. They were motionless in wonder at watching the unfolding of some of their favorite Disney movies right before their eyes. At times, they clapped, cheered and jumped out of their seats to pop bubbles from Aerial’s sea.

Kids are the toughest critics in the world, so I asked my daughters at the end of the show what they thought about it. Their responses were “awesome” and “I loved it.” If the kids are happy, then Disney did their job right. I agree with them, the show did not disappoint even for an adult viewer. One word of caution, when heading over to the Time Warner Cable Arena to see the show, bundle up, it’s chilly in there.

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