Don't forget Dad this Valentine's Day

02/11/2013 12:11 PM

02/12/2013 12:36 PM

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, daddies can often be left out. This year, make him feel extra special by taking a few tips from this daddy to seven. I’ve put together some ideas that won’t break the bank, and are sure to melt Daddy’s heart, too.

There are lots of things kids can get their dads for Valentine’s Day without digging into the piggy bank. Here are several of my favorite options:

1. Personalize It: Dads love to receive something personal and close to their hearts. This year, give dad an extra special memory in the form of a framed photograph. The picture will no doubt be treasured for years to come while it adorns a dresser or a desk where Dad looks at it often.

2. Made with Love: The way to a dad’s heart is usually through his stomach, so make Dad a delicious treat! You could make cookies, brownies, ice cream sundaes, etc. – the best part is you’ll get to share the treat all together!

3. Get Creative: Make something creative for Dad. Little ones can make a handmade Valentine’s Day card or art project, and older kids can give dad a handmade coupon booklet complete with activities like: go out for ice cream, head to the batting cages, let’s go mini-golfing, etc. Be creative – Dad is sure to love it!

And if you’re a wife trying to come up with a Valentine’s Day gift for your loving husband and father of your children look no further! I’ve got some great ideas for you:

1. Red and Silky: Guys like sexy stuff, too! Why not gift your hubby a set of fun sexy boxers this Valentine’s Day? Of course they don’t have to be red and silky – just have fun with it; I promise he’ll like it.

2. Thrifty Mom: Go all out by creating a coupon for an all-inclusive date night with your husband. When it’s cashed in you and your husband will hire a babysitter, get dressed up and head out for a fancy night on the town.

3. Surprise: Most husbands love special surprises. Go ahead and have a lovable Valentine’s Day dinner with your family at home. And while your husband puts the kids to bed whip out a special desert, queue a romantic comedy and light some candles. It’ll make for an extra special end to an extra special day.

Remember when it comes down to it Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts – it’s about spreading the love and letting everyone know just how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daddy Nickell

Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, father of seven, offers his five cents-worth of advice to expectant and new parents. Daddy Nickell is the founder of, delivery room duds and daddy gear for dads, and the blog where he covers topics about parenting and the latest baby and kids gear, all from a dad’s perspective.

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