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February 19, 2013

Addressing childhood obesity in preschool

As the nation continues to recognize its childhood obesity problem, schools are taking action. Schools as young as preschool age are implementing programs designed to nurture children’s’ physical, social, emotional and intellectual development—going above and beyond standard childcare.

Children of America, an educational childcare center, has implemented its Mind and Body Matters Program in its Charlotte location. The program consists of three elements:

The Just Read Program teaches children how to read early and well in order to reach his/her full potential in school. Parents are encouraged to read to their child for 15 minutes every day with interactive books written and illustrated by Children of America students.

The Nutrition Program educates parents through a nutrition blog and provides parents with private nutrition consultations with its on-staff Registered Dietician, Jaime Windrow. Windrow also oversees the center’s snack and meal plans.

The Presidential Fitness Campaign Program integrates physical activities into the school curriculum to build endurance and cardiovascular strength. Children of America is one of the first childcare centers to integrate a comprehensive wellness program into its curriculum, and is encouraging other childcare centers across the nation to follow suit.

For more information about the Mind and Body Matters Program, please visit

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