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April 3, 2014

Deirdre Bolton talks about risk and reward

This week’s “Ask the Mompreneur” features an interview with Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton. This week, Bolton launched a brand new program on FBN entitled “Risk and Reward.” which focuses on alternative investments, real estate, startups, hedge funds and venture capital, and will provide a closer look at non-traditional ways to make money.


Ask the Mompreneur


Your new show focuses on "alternative investments."  What's the difference between traditional and alternative investments?


Deirdre Bolton


For me, “alternatives” include everything outside the old 60/40 stock-bond mix.  These days, with bonds yielding almost nothing and stocks looking fully valued, investors need more choices… and they’re out there.  For example, MLPs (master limited partnerships) that invest in energy infrastructure provide substantially higher income than investment grade bonds.  Several new mutual funds run long/short strategies that participate in stock market gains, but also buffer downturns.  On my new show, we show investors how to access dozens of these new investment types, including exciting higher return strategies like venture capital, and classic inflation-protectors like farmland.


Our guests will be the best minds in the businesses of hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.  One theme that’s important to us is educating investors about the choices they have beyond just stocks.


Ask the Mompreneur


What advice do you have for women when it comes to managing their investment dollars?


Deirdre Bolton


Of course “safety first” works in all kinds of markets, for both men and women; the key to long term wealth is to avoid losing what you already have.  If you have the basics covered, using some portion of your portfolio to shoot for higher returns with private equity or activist funds can make sense, especially for accredited investors (those with $1mm or more of investible assets).


Ask the Mompreneur


You mentioned Risk and Reward will talk about startups and entrepreneurs.  For entrepreneurs seeking to attract venture capital, what tips can you offer?


Deirdre Bolton


We’ll certainly touch on these topics.  First, you need a solid pitch that covers the basics: the problem you’re solving, your solution, why your team can handle it, the size of the market, and what the competition looks like.  An old-school business plan isn’t necessary.  The first money in is usually a small “friends and family” round, and you use that to build a proof of concept.  Then get your business in front of professional investors through platforms such as Gust and AngelList as the next step.  There are also plenty of local angel groups in and around North Carolina.



Jennie Wong, Ph.D. is a business coach and the creator of the product quiz website

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