Give your home winter appeal

01/30/2014 11:43 AM

01/30/2014 11:44 AM

Small changes can make your home a place where you’d enjoy spending the winter. And a more cheerful haven will help ward off the winter blues.

Consider these ideas for making your rooms more inviting:


Reds and oranges are thought of as warm colors, and they can bring energy to uplift almost any home. Pillows, vases and seat cushions can give you extra color that doesn’t dominate the room. Consider large pillows for the floor for color and extra seating. Afghans also can serve a dual purpose, giving you a cover for keeping warm along with color.


Add area rugs around the house, especially in rooms that have no carpet. The rugs will give you a warm surface to walk while bringing a fresh look that’s appropriate for the season. But rugs also can be used over carpet to dress up the decor. Once the winter passes, you have the option to roll up your winter rugs and put them away until next year.


Since the sun goes down earlier in winter months, we need more lights inside. How about a cozy hearth fire? There are some pretty good-looking artificial fireplaces that can be used if you don’t have a real one in your home. Small up-lights tucked into a corner in the room can give atmospheric light that makes a room feel warmer. Use candles to bring even more warmth and romance into each room.


Sometimes just placing the sofa and chairs in a new position can shake things up enough and make things feel more welcoming. The same goes for accessories. Sometimes we keep them in place so long that they lose their impact. Relocating them will give the room new perspective. Buy new frames for old family pictures, or frame pictures you haven’t displayed in the past. Family pictures really do make a house a home.


Perhaps nature is not blooming outside these days. Inside is another story. Greenery is always available at any time of the year, and live plants are reliable for warming up a room that feels cold. Groupings in a corner can be dramatic. Placing a plant on an end table can dress up that area of the room. A large plant arrangement on the dining table can be quick replacement for whatever you currently have there.

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