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August 7, 2014

Handyman: Should she repaint before she sells?

Peter Hotton answers readers’ questions about home maintenance and repair

Q: My house – a modified Cape built in 1957 – is solid and in decent condition. Inside there are a few minor flaws. Although they are minor, to take care of them would definitely require repainting most of the rooms and some ceilings afterward.

I’m not young, and just thinking of everything that is involved is almost more than I can contemplate.

Would it be worthwhile undergoing such a complete turmoil, not to mention the cost involved, or should I just lower the price of the house when the time comes that I want to sell it?

A: Sit tight and let the brickbats or compliments come along when you sell. So it is shabby? Refurbishing several rooms is unlikely to make the house more attractive or more expensive.

Kitchens and bathrooms are most likely to attract buyers and earn a little extra.

In most cases, nothing much else will matter, because many buyers are already thinking about what they want to do with the new digs.

Save yourself a lot of time and anxiety, and let the buyers fight it out.

Chipmunks attack car

Q: Chipmunks chewed all the wiring out of my car. I don’t have a garage or any other way to protect the wires. I replaced them for $1,700, and the critters did it again! What can I do?

A: Check out all the animal repellents at big box or hardware stores. Or find a garage to rent and make it critter-proof.

Hotton: photton@globe.com

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