Storing watermelon in crisper averts mess

05/01/2014 9:33 AM

05/01/2014 9:34 AM

The winner: I love watermelon but I don't like the messy water it can sit in when it is cut up and put in a bowl. I cut up the watermelon into bite-size chunks and place them in a salad crisper. The chunks sit on top of the drainer in the bottom and the water stays under it. The watermelon stays fresher longer. Drain the water as needed. Gail Mercurio, Indian Trail

Reading tiny numbers

I needed to retrieve my modem ID in order to reset my password. The modem is on the wall in a closet blocked by an equipment tower. My option was to disconnect two cable boxes, one audio system and a DVD player, move the tower and get on a ladder to to read the tiny numbers. My “clever” move was to reach in with my iPhone and photograph the box. I was then able to enlarge my photo so I could read the numbers. My phone also came in handy when I had to read the number on a circuit breaker way above my head. I held my phone high up and snapped a picture. Voilá! I was able to once again enlarge the photo and read the needed numbers. Joyce Shields, Charlotte

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