Old milk crate handy for hauling propane tank

05/14/2014 10:48 AM

05/14/2014 10:49 AM

The winner: Whenever I need to refill or exchange the propane tank from my grill, I place it in a milk crate for transport. The crate keeps it upright and prevents the tank from tipping or rolling around. The crate is easy to maneuver and keeps my car cleaner, as my tank is sometimes grimy. And, it also works for transporting my gas can when I need to refill it as well.

Tim Hatmaker, Charlotte

Bar of soap protects hands

in the garden

Just like my Welsh Mummy, I keep a bar of soap in water in a plastic container. The soap gets gooey and before I go into the garden, I dig my fingernails into the soap. It gets under my nails and protects them from cracking when they are brittle. It also makes for easy hand cleanup afterward! Georgia Oakes, Charlotte

Pie tops make

great drip pans

The clear plastic tops from frozen pies make great drip pans for indoor or outdoor potted plants. Barbara M. Carpenter, Oakboro

Panty hose erases deodorant streaks

It is so aggravating to slip your blouse or top over your head and then find white deodorant streaks on your clothing. To remedy this without changing your top, just wipe the streaks with a knee high panty hose or any panty hose and it immediately removes the streak.

Mary Ann Penix, Mint Hill

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