Plastic chain helps maximize closet space

06/12/2014 9:04 AM

06/12/2014 4:52 PM

The winner: To add more space for clothes hanging in a crowded closet, buy plastic chain at a home improvement store and have it cut into 2-foot lengths. You can create a hook by cutting a 1/2-inch piece out of the side of an end link or buy an S hook to attach the chain to the clothes rod. The chain will hang down and you can hook clothes hangers in the chain links.

Marian Beard, Charlotte

Cooking spray works, honey

When using honey in a recipe, a lot of it always stays on the spoon or in the cup. I now spray a little non-stick cooking spray first. The honey comes out with no mess. Betty Duteau, Charlotte

iPad, the plumber’s friend

Recently my wife and I fixed two leaky faucets. When taking them apart, we realized there was no way we would remember the correct placement of the various parts when putting them back together. Our solution was to use our iPad to take several “before” pictures to refer to. It also eliminated stimulating debates, previously experienced, which would begin with “No, I think it went this way.” Bill Hamelau, Charlotte

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