Swiffer set helps with window cleaning

08/14/2014 2:27 PM

08/14/2014 2:28 PM

The winner: I just cleaned a large glass door as quick as a wink with my Swiffer and had to share! I attached three paper towels to the Swiffer sweeper stick and lightly sprayed the glass door with glass cleaner. A few broad strokes cleaned the glass. Then I attached a microfiber cloth to the Swiffer and rubbed the glass dry with a few more strokes. The door sparkles with almost no time and effort required! (This should work on house and car windows, too, which is another day’s project.) Kathryn Hamrick, Shelby

Curtain rod makes cute bracelet rack

I wanted a cute and easy way to display my bracelets, so my hubby installed a simple curtain rod in our bathroom.

Beth Gibbs, Davidson

New use for oatmeal tube

I use an empty cardboard oatmeal canister to stock dishwasher detergent capsules. It’s much easier to pull out a pod from the can underneath the kitchen sink than fishing around in a plastic bag.

Mary Reynolds, Conover

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