Nancy Brachey

Nancy Brachey

What’s the best time to prune? Hint: Not this weekend

A few inquires about pruning have come my way lately. Perhaps it was election stress that has people reaching for the loppers and pruning shears. But this is not the time to take out your frustration - even your anger - on your landscape. It may seem like a good time, but on the whole, it is not.

Nancy Brachey

Liven up your green landscape

This time of year, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by green. The dominant color of nature in the Piedmont is everywhere from under our feet to way over our heads. Shady areas in landscapes are often the most green of all. Brightening them up is a worthy goal for many gardeners.

Nancy Brachey

It’s tomato-time for gardeners

It seemed like it took forever for tomato-time to arrive this year. Cool weather kept both the soil and air chilly deep into April. But now that we are in it at top speed, what a joy it is to do this work and anticipate the rewards.


Standing up for workers

Monday evening construction workers and labor advocates gathered outside the Government Center. They asked Charlotte City Council to require developers to disclose their contractor's employment practices as part of future rezoning petitions.
Jeff Siner The Charlotte Observer
Standing up for workers 1:18

Standing up for workers

Dwight Howard looks forward to upcoming season with the Hornets 2:58

Dwight Howard looks forward to upcoming season with the Hornets

Local tool company calls Charlotte home 1:17

Local tool company calls Charlotte home


"He was a moving spirit"