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March 27, 2014

See and be seen with dual-light flashlight

The newly released Nightstick Dual-Light flashlight gives you the option to illuminate areas that are up close or at a distance.

The newly released Nightstick Dual-Light flashlight from Bayco Products is not your average hand-held light.

The LED light by CREE is rated at 130 lumens and has a range of almost 600 feet. On the handle there’s another button for a floodlight (110 lumens) that is designed for putting light on objects that are close.

You can have both lights on at once or each independently. There’s also a belt clip on the flashlight along with a hand strap.

Another handy feature is a built-in magnet on the bottom of the handle for holding onto nuts, bolts and screws while working on a project. $23 at

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