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April 17, 2014

Living Space: Make your house festive for Easter

Ways to spruce up your decor for the holiday

Welcome Easter guests with some thoughtful and fun decorating touches.

Websites like Pinterest offer an array of creative decorating ideas.

Use a white crayon to write the name of guests on hard-cooked eggs before coloring. After the eggs are colored and dried, wipe off the crayon and the name will appear in white. Use the eggs as place cards.

Looking for a super easy and much neater way to dye eggs? A Thrifty recommends rolling eggs in a pan of shaving cream (not shaving gel) mixed with food coloring. This creates a tie-dyed, swirled effect and is much faster and less messy than using liquid dye.

For quick Easter place-setting touches, put an egg in a sherry glass and add a few sprigs of grass or greenery.

Create a centerpiece starting with a grapevine wreath filled with natural dried grass. Fill it with small forced flower bulbs. Add a figure of a rabbit or a pretty Easter cake.

Around the house

Easter decor can be simple pots of flowers, eggs and candies. For both Easter and Passover, create small decorative vignettes in the living room, a corner of the kitchen, the breakfast room and the main entryway. This will add a festive feeling throughout the house – not just at the dinner table.

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