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July 24, 2014

Living Space: Peel-and-stick decorating

Kathryn Weber offers a quick way to turn an decor eyesore into a point of pride

Peel-and-stick decorating offers a quick, easy way to turn a visual eyesore into a point of pride.

A new view

Ugly views and lack of privacy are two of the most common problems in homes. Static-cling films go up with a little water and can be easily pulled off for clean removal. Look for such films at or Emma Jeffs window films ( Products range from films that imitate frosted or stained glass to iridescent and semi-transparent products accented with leaves, ferns or flowers. Tile “tattoos” let you add accents in the bath or kitchen.

Off the wall

It might be hard to make a commitment to wallpaper, but check out the many choices available from Tempapers. All are repositionable and easily removable ($98 roll, $5 samples,

Of course, you don’t have to cover entire walls. Decals can offer a burst of style without taking over (, Want to give kids’ rooms a fun touch? Try Wallies for decals (

Is your bed too plain?Add a rustic headboard wall decal ($98, Or buy the twin-size Antique Flourish headboard in pink and orange for $140, or the queen-size Chinoiserie in fuchsia ($175) from Glam-A-Peel (

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