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July 31, 2014

MOS Reach puts the power supply close to you

Put MOS Reach above your furniture or on a desktop so you can stay seated when plugging in your devices.

Power outlets in many cases are behind your furniture, which means crawling around every day to plug in or unplug USB devices and those that use a standard AC outlet.

Put MOS Reach above your furniture or on a desktop using adhesives strips. You can stay seated to use the standard three-prong AC plug along with the pair of high-powered USB ports. The other end of the 3-foot cable fits into the AC outlet.

The power supply has magnets on each side to hold the connecting end of many USB charging cables near the charger. Also included are a pair of MOS cable ties for keeping your work area organized.

The early bird Kickstarter price is $25; the regular price is $30 and the expected retail price will be $45;

Gregg Ellman,

Givewaway update: Garland Moore of Monroe won the LadderLimb prize from a few weeks ago.

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