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Would you like to see how your teenager drives without riding along in the car? Or literally look into your home while you’re at work or away on vacation? With the help of a few simple yet affordable high-tech gadgets, you can be your own secret agent and protect your family and possessions like never before. Enter Miles Huneycutt, an electronic whiz and safety advocate, who recently opened Eye-Intel at Northcross Shopping Center in Huntersville. His store specializes in Internet-accessible video home security and mobile tracking systems. It’s the kind of equipment Jason Bourne or James Bond might use—without the spy-high price tags. Some of it is designed to oversee your most irreplaceable asset: your offspring. The “Guardian Angel” child tracker looks like an oversized ladybug, lighting up and emitting noise when your youngster has gone outside his or her designated safety area. The GPS real-time tracker, smaller than a credit card, is another indispensable lookout tool. This tracker delivers what its name implies but has added features, like an SOS button that can simultaneously alert five people when your kid is in trouble. Do you have a new driver in your home? The waterproof real-time GPS tracker can pinpoint the location and speed of your child’s car and send you text alerts if he accelerates over your pre-set mph. Another handy device, the GPS plotter, can video-record a driver behind the wheel, the road ahead and her GPS position, so you can check to see if she was driving too fast, too close or was too distracted. For Huneycutt, this scenario is personal, as his 15-year-old daughter will soon apply for her driving permit. “As parents, it’s our responsibility to keep our kids safe. It’s not an issue of trust, it’s an issue of protection,” he says. For theft protection, the IP (Internet Protocol) tilt camera can offer that extra level of security. You can use it to watch your home or office — even your ski boat or cabin cruiser — over the Internet, 24-7. And for top-secret monitoring missions, there are small video cameras disguised as a ballpoint pen, clock, pack of gum or can of soda. Eye-Intel is the only store of its kind in the region, and Huneycutt helps his customers get their systems up and running, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy. Before opening Eye-Intel, Huneycutt was retail operations manager at Hendrick Automotive for nearly two decades and a computer science major at Appalachian State University. Now he is eager to return to his electronic-driven roots and help customers make their world a safer place.

Eye-Intel 9709-F Sam Furr Road (Northcross Shopping Center), Huntersville 704-464-0240, www.eye-intel.com

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