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November 30, 2012

Home Grown

Eclectic new Legacy Supply Company offers a variety of U.S.-made goods

After more than a decade of working as a stay-at-home mom, Michelle Stowers was ready for something new when she and her family moved to Davidson from New Hampshire in January. “With my girls starting middle school I needed a new focus,” she says. “I didn’t want to be one of those empty nesters with nothing to do.” Stowers and her husband Chris both grew up skateboarding in southern California, a hobby their 11-year-old twin girls, Riley and Parker, also love. She says her original plan was to open a skate shop. But Stowers, who went to college for fashion marketing and worked for a couple of big retailers before becoming a mom, eventually expanded the store concept to include bicycles, furniture, accessories and clothes, with most of products made in the U.S. Legacy Supply Company opened in September. Customers can find items like Raleigh Denim premium jeans, made with local material from Greensboro’s Cone Mills, which has been weaving the inky fabric since 1895. The North Carolina-based Raleigh Denim makes the handcrafted jeans using vintage Union Special sewing machines. The seamstresses sign their names on the inside of each pair. Other U.S.-based clothes manufacturers at Legacy include small, independent operations like The Lovewright Co. which sells men’s fashion; LAmade, which offers cool and eclectic styles for women; and ESP No. 1, known for their trendy and creative children’s fashions. Elsewhere you’ll find accessory furniture by The Steel Appeal and repurposed necklaces and earrings by Refunkedjunk. And watch for Imogene + Willie jeans, made in Nashville, Tenn., with Cones Mills’ denim. The store’s Worksman bicycles and tricycles, made in New York since 1898, are the same ones the Good Humor guys pedaled around on hawking ice-cream bars over a century ago. You can even customize the commercial-strength Worksman to carry up to 500 pounds, or add seats with backs and a box to tote your groceries. Skateboards and longboards also come from mostly small, U.S.-based companies, such as Honey, Sector 9 and Comet. “Owning a retail store has been lot more work than I thought, and I still have a lot to learn,” says Stowers. “But so far it’s been great and we love Davidson.”

Legacy Supply Company 432 S. Main St. Davidson 704-765-5854

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