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01/31/2013 1:41 PM

01/31/2013 1:50 PM

398 North Main Street in downtown Mooresville has over the years been home to a service station, lawyer’s office, tanning salon and psychiatrist’s practice. That eclectic background—along with downtown Mooresville’s quaint, historic atmosphere—was just what Sarah Mascarello was looking for to set up her new business, High Heels & Hammers, which opened in November. “I walked into this space and could see immediately how I wanted to transform it,” says Mascarello. “I kind of went crazy. Everybody pitched in—my mom, my husband, my kids. We worked morning, noon and night for two straight months to get it ready.” Mascarello, who relocated from Arizona four years ago, has decorated each room of High Heels & Hammers in themes to fit the merchandise she’s showcasing: the Asian hall, the shabby chic Parisian room, the ‘man cave,’ the kitchen, the toy box. She combs online auctions and travels throughout the state to bid on antique finds—to sell at a price that won’t break her customers’ banks. She only buys if the price is right. “I won’t do bidding wars so I have to charge astronomical prices. You’ll be pleasantly surprised,” she says. And the vintage goods cover a wide spectrum of interests and price points. On any given day, you might find a lamp from Italy, pictures from Paris, racing, sports and Harley Davidson memorabilia, toys from the ’40s and ’50s, a Victorian couch, vintage books, sterling silver pieces, clocks and oil paintings from the early 1900s, a mustang weathervane—it is a revolving door of good stuff from days gone by. “This is not your standard antique or flea-market type shop. I want to bring things to my customers that they won’t find in any other store,” she says. To that end, Mascarello will travel to Atlanta and New York this spring to attend auctions there, hopefully heading back to Mooresville with a trunk full of treasures. Many times, she will give her items an artistic twist to make them truly one of a kind. “I have lamps and will change the base, or recover an ottoman to give it a European look. I will only do things that do not interfere with the historical integrity of particular pieces.” Though her professional background is in medical insurance and customer service, she has always had a love for antiques and a knack for refinishing, refurbishing and interior design. In fact, the store’s name is a reflection of its owner’s personality—you most likely won’t find high heels or hammers here, unless they’re in Mascarello’s hands or on her feet. “I wear high heels virtually every day, and I’m a girl who knows how to wield a hammer,” she says. “When I was thinking about names for the store, a friend suggested High Heels & Hammers, and it just kind of stuck.”

High Heels & Hammers 398 N. Main St., Mooresville 704-430-2619

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