Wedge Salad Makeover

06/13/2014 10:34 AM

06/13/2014 10:50 AM

The heat is onso it is time to lighten up dinner, but that doesn’t have to mean dull or boring. Anytime time of week a good salad can make an awesome meal. For me the right toppings and a small portion of protein make for a satisfying dish.

Although I am not a fan of iceberg lettuce, I am a huge fan of wedge salads. It is a classic dish with few topping that make for a moist, clean and crisp salad. For this version we take to the grill; not only to grill a boneless skinless chicken breast, but to make the iceberg a little more interesting. I quick kiss of the iceberg on the grill will transform it into something you never expected.

Crispy bacon, thin sliced shallots and really good blue cheese with set this off in the right direction. Making your own dressing is easy and you can control exactly what ingredients go into it. I love jalapenos, but if you don’t you can simply omit them from this dressing or add roasted Poblano or red bell peppers instead.

Either way this salad will be a great unexpected surprise meal for family and friends any day of the week, enjoy! For more great recipes be sure to watch Chef Troy’s brand new live cooking show “Troy’s Everyday Eats” each week on WCCB News Rising from 7-9 am and visit

Grilled Chicken Wedge with Roasted Jalapeno Blue Cheese Buttermilk Dressing 1 Head-Iceberg Lettuce
2 Each-Chicken Breast-6 ounces each
To Brush-Olive Oil
To Taste-Chef Troy’s Spice Mix
12 Each-Grape Tomatoes
1 Each-Shallot-sliced thin
1 Each-Jalapeno Pepper-stem/seeds removed, halved and fine diced
4 Strips-Bacon-slice into strips, cooked, drained
To Taste-Maytag Blue Cheese-crumbled Dressing ½ Cup-Buttermilk
½ Cup-Mayonnaise
3 Tablespoons-Cider Vinegar
1 Each-Jalapeno Pepper-charred on grill, skin/stem/seeds removed, fine diced
1 Clove-Garlic-smashed into a paste
To Taste-Kosher Salt/Black Pepper
¼ Cup-Maytag Blue Cheese-crumbled


  1. Make dressing by whisking together all ingredients together except blue cheese.
  2. Add blue cheese and stir to incorporate, keep chilled in refrigerator until ready to serve.
  3. Preheat grill or direct heat grill to medium high heat.
  4. Trim very end of core on lettuce, leaving core intact.
  5. Place on cutting board stem side down, cut in half through the core and cut each half in half.
  6. Lay flat, brush with oil and season with Spice Mix.
  7. Brush chicken lightly with oil, season with Spice Mix and place on grill.
  8. Let cook for 2-3 minutes and then turn chicken 90 degrees (do not flip).
  9. Allow to cook another 2 minutes, flip and repeat until chicken is just cooked through, about 12 minutes.
  10. Remove from grill and let rest on a plate.
  11. Place lettuce on grill for 30 to 45 second per side, flipping carefully to keep intact.
  12. Place on end piece and on center piece each on a plate.
  13. Scatter over lettuce, tomato, shallot, jalapeno, bacon and blue cheese.
  14. Place a small scoop of dressing on both plates.
  15. Slice each breast into about 5 pieces (slice crossways), top salad and serve.

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