Feeling a Bit Crabby

08/14/2014 3:17 PM

08/14/2014 3:26 PM

Crab and cornis a match made in heaven. Fresh creamy corn and succulent buttery crab are the perfect match for each other. It could be as easy as folding crab claw meat into creamed corn or topping a corn salsa with huge chunks of lump crab meat. Both are refreshing and light, the perfect qualities for this dish. I call this style of cooked corn fresh grits. Whyyou ask? Because grits are no more than dried corn that is ground and cooked to make soft. Fresh summer corn, right of the cob, cooked and processed until smooth. Only slight chunks of corn remaining as it is cooked down with a bit of cream to give it a creamy, velvety texture. The perfect complement to simply done, overly crabby, simple all-crab-crab-cakes. Combine the ingredients without the crab first. Add the lump crab meat at the end and folding in gently to keep the crab in large pieces. What you have, when portioned and formed into patties, is a true crab cake. Full of crab and not a bunch of filler. Pan fry the crab cakes until golden brown and just warmed through. Place these over the piping hot creamy fresh grits and serve. Light, refreshing and truly summer. For more great recipes from Chef Troy visit www.cheftroy.net and be sure to catch Troy on WCCB Charlotte’s Rising morning show every week 7-9 am for “Troy’s Everyday Eats” cooking show.

Crab Cakes Over Fresh Grits

6 Tablespoons-Unsalted Butter 2 Each-Green Onion-sliced thin, whites separate from green stem 2 Cloves-Garlic-chopped fine 1 Each-Egg-beaten ¼ Cup-Mayonnaise 1/4 Cup-Panko Bread Crumbs 1 Pound-Jumbo Lump Crab Meat To Dredge-Corn Meal Fresh Grits 3 Strips-Thick Cut Bacon-sliced into thin strips 4 Ears-Corn on the Cob-parboiled, oiled, seasoned and charred on grill ¼ Cup-Red Onion-fine dice 2 Coves-Garlic-chopped fine I Each-Jalapeno Pepper To Taste-Kosher Salt/Black Pepper ¼ Cup-Heavy Cream 2 Tablespoons-Blue Cheese-crumbled, plus extra for garnish 1 Tablespoon-Fresh Basil-chopped, plus extra for garnish 1 Each-Roma Tomato-diced Directions 1. Warm a sauté pan over medium heat with 2 tablespoons of butter. 2. When melted add green onion, garlic and cook for one minute. 3. About 5 minutes, stirring frequently and set aside to cool. 4. Mix together egg, mayo, add cooled onion mixture, bread crumbs, mix well. 5. Gently fold in crab to incorporate, try not to break up crab meat. 6. Form into 8 patties and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour, can be done a day ahead of time. 7. Cut corn off cob and crap cobs to remove tip of corn and starchy liquid. 8. For fresh grits warm a pot over medium high heat, add bacon and cook until slightly crisp. 9. Remove bacon and drain on a paper towel lined plate. 10. Add half the corn, onion, garlic and jalapeno and cook to soften onion, 2-3 minutes. 11. Add salt/pepper, stir to incorporate and add cream. 12. Warm cream through, about 3-5 minutes stirring frequently. 13. Remove from heat and allow to cool too slightly. 14. Place a small amount of cream/corn mixture in food processor/blender, pulse to start process. 15. Puree corn/cream mixture until smooth add remaining corn and pulse to chop slightly. 16. Place corn back in pan and add basil/blue cheese. 17. Stir to melt and add a touch of cream if corn is too thick. 18. Keep warm over low heat until ready to serve. 19. Heat a non-stick pan to medium high heat and place corn meal in a plate. 20. Dredge each crab cake in corn meal to coat top/bottom of cake. 21. Add 2 tablespoons of butter in non-stick pan to melt over medium high heat. 22. Working in batches, four cakes, cook until golden brown on both sides. 23. About 3 to 4 minutes per side, drain on a paper towel lined plate. 24. Repeat with an additional 2 tablespoons of butter and remaining crab cakes. 25. Ladle fresh grits on individual plates, top with crab cakes, garnish with basil, blue cheese, bacon and serve.

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