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January 28, 2011

A dreaded frugal challenge

Spare some change by shedding a few pounds.

So today I start on a dreaded frugal challenge.

I’m about 8-10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. When you consider I gained 4,527 pounds while pregnant — sadly only a slight exaggeration — this is, by comparison, not so bad. I can technically fit into my pre-baby clothes and have been wearing them. But they don’t fit comfortably. So I’m at that place familiar to many folks who’ve experienced weight fluctuations: Either I buy new clothes, or I lose the stupid 10 pounds so I can maximize a wardrobe I already own. I know I’m not alone in viewing this one as linked to frugality and simplicity. Blogger buddy Thinner and Wiser tracks her shedding of pounds and debt at the same time, and Amy Dacyczyn wrote that returning to a stable weight after her six (!) kids was one of her smarter frugal moves.

A group for new parents I’m part of launched a Biggest Loser type of competition this week. I signed up. I’m motivated in part bit by health and vanity, you betcha, but mostly by frugality and anti-consumerism: I do not need to buy more clothes! I do not need to buy more clothes! I need to lose 10 pounds.

Wish me luck.

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