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February 10, 2011

Prioritizing (though I’ll miss you, sniff)

Trying to take my own advice! Simplifying and prioritizing my life.

I’m going on blog hiatus for awhile.

I talked with a few blogger buddies about it and they were all like NO DON’T DO IT NO, not because I bring magic rainbow wonderment to their lives, but because they know breaks can kill blogs; one even auto deletes blogs from her reader if they don’t post at least 1x a week. OMG! This is unfortunate, as I’ve picked up a bunch of new subscribers lately and have loved hearing from new folks in the comments. Plus there’s the launch of Where All Is Finally Revealed for $49.99, Inc.

BUT, I’m trying to take my own advice when it comes to simplifying and prioritizing. I have a ton I need/want to get done this spring:

Some freelance writing work for $ that needs prioritizing.

Major MAJOR MAJOR major overhaul in my garden. Like 10 weekends worth of work.

Launching a neighborhood sustainability group.

These are things that would be great blog fodder, actually, if I had the attention span. The problem is the attention. Writing a blog entry doesn’t take too long but blogging can be a huge time suck because what happens is I wait for comments, chat in the comments, look to see what sites are sending me traffic, start thinking about the next entry, read other blogs, comment on other blogs, check back to my own blog again, check back in on the discussions on other blogs, link over to more websites, and find myself in a web rabbit hole. Try as I might, reading about which celebrity is due next (Natalie Portman has got to be further along than she claims to be, right?!) is not actually helping me get those three things I just listed done. And I want those three things done more than I want to blog.

So please come on back ’round mid-April. You’ll remember because it’s tax time. If you think you won’t remember, hit the subscribe button and you’ll get a ‘ding’ when I start up again. I hope to have lots of fun stories for you of the inevitable disasters that will take place in the next two and a half months.

Til we meet again,


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