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03/23/2012 11:57 AM

03/23/2012 12:09 PM

TokyoMilk Crushed #32 Parfum caught my nose today while out shopping. It's not a scent that I would normally gravitate to but upon smelling it, I decided to spritz a bit on my wrists. The parfum is a mix of earth + moss, crushed herbs, wild grass and jasmine and comes in a beautiful black square bottle with white writing. Housed under the Femme Fatale Collection , this scent is sure to "brings the boys to the yard"...or something like that (smile). When checking out #32, be sure to see if another scent speaks to you. Just the names alone (Arsenic, Tainted Love, Bulletproof) are sure to make you give some of these aromas a second look.

Fun Facts about Parfum (or Perfume!)
*The first perfumes were made from spices and herbs like bergamot, myrtle, coriander and almond.
*Perfume in Latin means "through smoke"
*The first modern perfume, Hungary Water was created in 1370

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