Brow Ambassador? Of course!

04/26/2012 10:02 AM

04/26/2012 10:08 AM

Near the top of the list of my many, many beauty obsessions sits brows and lashes. Windows to the soul, yada yada yada I love that eyes and brows are so universally unique, so distinctly me, and so highly customizable. I am hella consumed with Adele’s eye makeup (have you seen my Pinterest lately?). Just last week, I spent way too much trying to find (again) the perfect mascara.

I love just about everything about my eyes (except for the near-transparency of by brows and lashes sans makeup), so when the opportunity to join the Tweezerman Ambassador program presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

As one of the beauty bloggers in the program, I’ll be testing Tweezerman products and sharing my reviews with you here. And, let me just say, my tired, chippy, well-loved neon pink enameled tweezers are thankful that reinforcements have arrived!

The first Tweezerman shipment featured more than 10 of their products, many of which I have never used before (remember the part about the old, chippy tired tweezers?) — I can’t wait to get busy with my new tools.

Tell me your brow secrets and I’ll tell you what I learn as I go! What do you favor for beating your brows back? Do you dare use scissors and a brow brush? How about gel or setting lotion to tame unruly brows?

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