Test Drive: Tweezerman ProCurl

08/13/2012 10:34 AM

08/13/2012 10:43 AM

Even though I consider myself a pretty passionate beauty junkie, I tend to be a bit lazy by nature.

How so? Well, for example, I want big fat full lashes. But I don’t want to have to apply any special growth products, or deal with applying falsies (though I do love them) on any kind of regular basis. My passion for thick lashes usually only involves me trying the newest, latest and greatest thinking mascara to middling results. No more!

Enter the Tweezerman ProCurl, which came to me via the Tweezerman Ambassador Program. My only previous experience with lash curlers was as a child, watching my mom clamp something on her lids and shush me so she didn’t mess up her count (for how long she’d hold the curler on each eye?). I will say the ProCurl looks nothing like what I remember from back in the day, especially since it’s on trend in rose gold.

The ProCurl is straight up ergonomic to encompass different eye shapes (I have deep-set, almond shaped eyes, and had no issue using). The top bar is more narrow, and there is a thick strip of silicone inside the curler to prevent obvi lash crimping. The ProCurl comes with three extra silicone replacement pads as well.

A quick curl with ProCurl before applying my favorite mascara (Diorshow Extase at the moment) and I’ve got the thick, Bambi-esque lashes of which dreams are made.

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