Test Drive: Foot Petals Sexy Safari

08/24/2012 9:36 AM

08/24/2012 9:46 AM

Have you ever considered a pair of shoes that fits almost just right? Like right enough to get them if you can make a few adjustments?

That was exactly my predicament recently at Monkee’s of Lake Norman* when I encountered an adorably sassy pair of gold Lilly Pulitzer wedges on clearance.

They fit, but were a bit loose in the heel. Going down a half size was out of the question, then they’d be too small. I needed something that would just give me a little tiny bit of help in customizing the fit.

My friends at Foot Petals had sent me some products to try out, and this was the perfect opportunity to give them a go.

The Sexy Safari kit contains three types of cushions to customize the fit of your shoes:

* Tip Toes: ball of foot shoe cushions help feet stay in place, absorb shock in the high-impact ball of foot area, and help you walk with perfect posture for overall back and leg relief * Heavenly Heelz: back of heel shoe cushions keep the back of your heels from slipping out, and protect against red marks and blisters * Killer Kushionz: 3/4 insoles protect your entire insole from bottom of heel to ball of foot

I used the Heavenly Heelz and Tip Toes in my new wedges. The Tip Toes helped prevent my feet from sliding forward into the toes, and the Heavenly Heelz were fabulous for grabbing the heel without pinching. I took the shoes on a test drive recently (testing them out for comfort, wearability and a spot in my suitcase for my upcoming LuckyFABB trip to New York City). So how did the Foot Petals do? After a full 8+ hour day, my feet felt amazing. No blisters, no rubbing, just a perfect fit! $24.95 for Foot Petals Sexy Safari kit * Monkee’s of Lake Norman is a client of my company Rachel Sutherland Communications.

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