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September 14, 2012

Snapshot: Girls on the Go

Five mammography technologists take mammograms on wheels.

Who are the Girls on the Go? A group of five female mammography technologists have taken the Mobile Breast Center of Charlotte Radiology to a new level. Late at night or miles away (the mobile has traveled 7,809 miles in the past year!), a mammogram is accessible to all with this unit. The mobile is a 38.6-foot-long breast-screening center on wheels, with state-of-the-art technology, a registration and waiting area, private dressing rooms and an examination room. The mobility of the unit allows women to overcome the excuse of “I’m too busy for a mammogram” – they’ll come to you! SouthPark Magazine spoke with Anne Marie Sexton, lead technician. For more information on how to make an appointment, contact Katie Estes at

The mobile is used as a full-service breast center. The patients are registered in the waiting area; they are then taken to a private dressing room and escorted to one of the large exam rooms. We use the same equipment and the same exact specialists from the breast center. The only difference is that we are on wheels and we can come to you.

Our hours are a little different than our breast centers and our days may be longer, but we do that to accommodate first and even third shift workers at companies throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our day may start at 4 a.m. in order to get on the road and get to our site. But we are happy to do it and glad that we can be there to provide the quality care that patients in our community deserve. That’s why we like to call ourselves Girls on the Go.

All of us Girls on the Go have worked at one of the breast centers at one point in time. I have been a mammography technologist with Charlotte Radiology for almost 12 years. As far as being a Girl on the Go, I have worked on the mobile since January 2011, when the mobile first pulled in to our Resource Center in Charlotte.

One thing women need to know about the mobile is not to be afraid. It is a totally different experience being on the mobile versus walking into a breast center, but ultimately it’s the same thing. We like to think that we are even more private and personal having a smaller atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of the wheels and come check us out!

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