Get Organized Now for Your Thanksgiving Day Festivities

11/07/2012 2:12 PM

11/07/2012 2:18 PM

Thanksgiving sneaks in between Halloween and Christmas. We think it is a month away then suddenly we realize it is 2 weeks away. Panic starts to set in; who is going to make the turkey, what time will we get together, who will bring the paper products?

Start now and get organized for your Thanksgiving Day Festivities.

This Week: Call or email your family to set the date and time.

Plan your menu. Determine who will bring what. Consider catering or “outsourcing” a few dishes. A local bakery would greatly appreciate the business this time of year. Order their specialty dessert and something more traditional.

Research different recipe variations online. Pinterest is a great place to start. Thanksgiving staples are fine, but why not spice it up this year and bring a variation of mac-n-cheese?

If you are hosting, lay out a few special decorative touches. Resist the urge to put up the Christmas tree; don’t rush the seasons. Enjoy them as they come.

Next week (1 week before): Get a final headcount. High school age children like to bring surprise guests.

Hit the grocery store for the non-perishable items like canned goods, dessert ingredients, and wine.

Buy the turkey.

Week of Thanksgiving: Hit the grocery store for remaining perishable items.

Get the table ready (if you are hosting). Arrange serving dishes and label which food will go in what dish.

Think through the day of; what do you want the day to look like? I highly recommend fitting in some exercise. It can be a walk around the neighborhood or a backyard game of football.

Do you want to serve the food all at once or space it out? Remember it is about the experience. It is not a food contest.

How do you want to remind your family members about the reason for the season? Read excerpts about the first Thanksgiving: What was served. Who attended. Give each family member a gratitude journal so they can make note of what they are thankful for year-round.

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