Organize & Display Those Holiday Cards

12/03/2012 3:18 PM

12/03/2012 3:24 PM

I’m always struggling with what to do with holiday cards. How should I display them? What about after the season has ended; do I throw them away? I rounded up a few ideas that might help with the holiday card overwhelm.

Use last year’s cards as this year’s gift tags

I love this idea! Holiday cards are miniature pieces of art. They are so glittery and pretty that I would hate to throw them away. Cut them into gift tags and use them under the tree this year.

Display this year’s cards on ribbon hung over a door

Buy ribbon from a craft store that matches your holiday theme. Drape the ribbon over a door and secure with picture mounting strips from 3M. As the cards come in, attach them to the ribbon to create a card display. You can pin or glue them in place. After the season, store and use for next year’s gift tags.

Hang cards from delicate branches

Gather several branches from your yard. Cut them to size and place in a potted vase. Use ribbon to display holiday cards as they come in the door.

Turn picture cards into a mini album

Use a hole punch to make 2 small holes in each card. Add binder clips and voila you have an instant album! Flip through the cards each year to reminisce about year’s past.

How do you display your holiday cards? Please share! :)

Until next time... Jennifer

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