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February 13, 2013

Ladies! Lift ‘em up!

Having been blessed in the chest and a vocal disciple at The Church of The Good Bra, I am not afraid to check out what other women have going on.

And more often than not, I find myself wanting to do an Oprah-style bra intervention.

Nothing — NOTHING — makes you look shorter, plumper, squattier, more disproportionate or slubby than an ill-fitting, poorly supportive bra. And I say that with love, as someone who loves her braless work-at-home days in UGGs and yoga pants as much as the next girl.

I saw an adorable young, petite woman out recently in Charlotte and the total chicness of her ensemble (well-fitted dress, excellent shoes, tasteful accessories) was completely overshadowed by her large breasts that were essentially sitting at her waist, nearly obscuring it.

I didn’t know her well enough to discreetly give her the name of my girl Mackenize at the SouthPark Nordys. So I fought the urge to grab her by the shoulders and do a bra intervention on the spot.

Had I figured out a way to do it without offending, here’s what I would have told her:

* Finding a good fitting bra doesn’t have to cost a zillion dollars. REALLY. * Check your nervousness and shyness at the fitting room door and let an expert (a real expert, not a disinterested teen sales clerk at Victoria’s Secret) get all up in your business and help you find a bra that fits. I promise: your breasts are not the first she’s seen. Or the biggest. Or the smallest. * Don’t like the prices at the department store? No worries. Let the professionally trained bra-fitters get you in a size and style that suits and shop online to find a price that fits your budget. * You will not believe the confidence boost you’ll get from a properly fitted bra until you wear one under your clothes. I’ve even come to love my décolletage thanks to properly fitted undergarments.

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