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February 28, 2013

Creative Conversion

A SouthPark powder room gets a chic—and practical—update.

Designer Traci Zeller has twin boys. So when Michele McNeer, a mother of four-year-old triplet boys and a two-year-old daughter, asked her to design her powder room, she understood well that functionality for the whole family was a must.

However, the downstairs room can be seen upon walking into the home and is frequently used by guests. “We were looking for a sophisticated powder room that was also very kid-friendly,” says McNeer, “I wanted it to impress guests, but I have lots of tiny—and often muddy—hands around.”

Zeller’s first move was to select a stencil, rather than wallpaper for the walls. “It’s easy to clean—you can use a high quality paint and just wipe it down,” says Zeller, who chose Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray and Simply White for the stenciling by decorative artisan Jon Gustafson. “We chose the gray because it’s a great contrast with the white plumbing fixtures.”

The pink hued watercolors, commissioned from local artist Jennifer Levine, bring a pop of color to the wall. Their floating lucite frames give a modern edge to the art work and serve to complement the crystal detailing in the room’s light fixture. “It’s the one thing that the kids can’t reach,” says Zeller of the lighting, which is part of the Rondo collection from Maxim. “And it upgrades the room’s entire look.”

The final product was a refreshed room that can be used by the whole family. “It’s a huge wow factor,” says McNeer. “But even better, it’s washable.”

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