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March 14, 2013

Organization Revelation

I consider myself a fairly organized person. But I can procrastinate like a champ.

I consider myself a fairly organized person. Mom, wife, business owner, blogger — I love wearing a lot of hats. But, given my background in journalism and apparent addiction to deadlines, I can procrastinate like a champ.

Factor in my penchant for rationalization, and you’ve got an often crippling mix of time-sucking under the guise of “doing my best work on deadline.”

Enter the Whitney English Day Designer. I’ve only had it in my hot little hands for about a week, and my work world has been completely flipped for the better.

I first heard about this amazing tool from a client — the unfailingly chic and always composed Traci Zeller. As she showed me the elegantly designed pages, goal setting, visioning and branding sections as well as the monthly and daily pages, I was immediately smitten. THIS! This is what my scattered, too-busy-too-really-focus mommy/business woman brain was desperately needing.

A few clicks and a few agonizing days later, I was in possession of my own Day Designer. It has been nothing short of revelatory, which is kind of embarrassing. How can prioritizing my top three goals each day and other To-do’s have such an immediate impact on my productivity?

I am not quite sure, but I’m also not going to question. It’s working, and I feel more in control of the work/life balance than I have in quite some time.

Whitney English Day Designer, starting at $45 on Etsy

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