Where Are My Keys?

04/01/2013 2:07 PM

04/01/2013 2:11 PM

When it comes to keys, we (as a society) tend to lose them. “I know they are here somewhere?!”

“We are already late, why can’t I find my keys?”

If you have uttered those words once in your lifetime, then you know the panic mode that sets in and your day has thus started off on the wrong foot.

Keys are an absolute necessity in our society. Car keys. House keys. Office building keys. Key fobs. Loyalty card key rings.

My first suggestion is to separate your keys: Necessary and daily keys
Mail box (if you have a PO Box)
Office keys
Occasional keys
Storage unit
Spare house keys
Deadbolt keys (who uses their deadbolt these days)
Keys to your in-laws, parents, friends, neighbors, etc
Loyalty cards
Grocery Store
Drug Store
Home Depot/Lowe’s Home Improvement/IKEA

Label the occasional keys so you know what belongs where. I like to use a simple sticker that I can write on to label.

Leave the occasional keys in your car glove compartment or at home. There is no need to cart these around everyday .. All day.

Store your loyalty cards on a separate key ring. Keep those in a side compartment in your purse. Another idea? Get rid of them all together. Stores can look up your account by phone number most of the time.

Store your keys by the door. Not in your purse or by the kitchen or in the bedroom. Store them by the door that you use to go in and out of your home 99% of the time.

Use hooks or containers to keep them corralled. Pretty thrifted saucers and bowls would look great on an entry way table.

If you have the wall space, consider turning a frame into a key holder.

Make your daily life a little easier by finding what you need right when you need it!

How do you store your daily necessities?

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